Spring Art Show: “Emergent Energy”



Emergent Energy,
May 4 – June 30, 2024

A few years ago, a fellow artist looked at images from Anne’s show in 2010, which consisted of of mandalas, commenting: “I think you could take these further.” This nudge, coupled with an image of the naturally occurring current of energy via breath as it enters and leaves the body, forms the basis of these works. In some pieces the current of energy is visible. In others the energy itself informs certain shapes. During the pandemic, which allowed Anne to work consistently, the work took on an energy and life of its own. It served as a way to move through both pandemic grief, and the sudden tragic loss of her granddaughter Lilly in June of 2020. For Anne, all of life’s emotions are present, relevant, and necessary, for the emergence of her work. As a symbol of wholeness, the Mandala offers a ‘container.’ The works were completed with liquid acrylics, some ink, and regular acrylic paints. All began on raw canvas and have been mounted on 24”by 24” boards.

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